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We protect retail staff from the safety hazards and dangers involved with fitting signs on retail shopfronts. It’s important for retail signs to be in direct view of the public and achieving the best positioning can sometimes present significant safety issues. Our team perform installation of retail signs Perth shop assistants can rely on for safe outcomes.

Working at heights

The dangers that come into play when installing signage in highly visible areas are typically associated with working at heights. Perth Graphics Installations are experts and install retail signs in a safe and timely manner.

We highly recommend that retail staff don’t put themselves at risk of injury and instead rely upon our professional sign installation services. We are experienced in spotting hazards, implementing effective controls and eliminating the dangers involved with retail sign installation. 

The occupational safety of retail staff is important, as is ours. We reduce the risk of potential injury by using safe work procedures and adhering to OH&S guidelines.

The right equipment for the job

Depending on the size of the job, we may use portable ladders and scaffolding to reduce the hazards involved with working at heights. Correct use of ladders and scaffolding must be adhered to ensuring fall protection measures are in place.

When needed, we hire elevated work platforms, scissor lifts or knuckle booms to ensure optimum safety when working at height. If any lifting, pushing and pulling is involved, our fully qualified staff are able to adjust the platform height and positioning using the inbuilt control panel. This is particularly important when we install outdoor retail signage in windy environments, a strong and heavy foundation is required for maximum safety.

Retail signs Perth

Installation of retail signs Perth shop staff can rely on for safe outcomes. Concentrate on sales and contact us today.